Huang, Claire

九月 17, 2019

Salon Beauty Equipment

The salon beauty equipment provides versatile services. After all, the more services you provide the better your business will be.
九月 16, 2019

Structure and features of plate bending machine

The bending process is a deformation operation which allows giving the sheet a certain curvature. The plate bending machine run this process, which allows the passage of the metal sheets in two, three or four rolls machines.
九月 10, 2019

Is it worth trusting the UF membrane water filter?

UF membrane water filter is one of the possible solutions to control the pollution or dirt in the water.
九月 5, 2019

What is the environmental protection equipment for sewage treatment?

Now the sewage treatment in the urbanization development is treated with more environmentally friendly equipment.
九月 4, 2019

Analysis of the development trend and investment prospect of China’s environmental protection equipment industry

Environmental protection equipment will move from low carbonization to smarter, and environmental protection equipment manufacturing will also develop more rapidly.
九月 3, 2019

The overall design of large mechanical equipment

The role of product industrial design in capturing the market and consolidating the market's important position is obvious.
八月 30, 2019

Market and policy two-wheel-drive China’s livestock machinery ushered in a strategic opportunity period

In the first half of this year, China's livestock machinery market has risen sharply. Experts believe that China's livestock machinery has ushered in a period of strategic opportunities.
八月 30, 2019

National Bureau of Statistics: Petrochemical electrical machinery vehicles are the main industries that drive the growth rate of industrial enterprises’ profits in July from negative to positive.

Petrochemicals, electrical machinery, and automobiles are the main industries that drive the growth of profit growth from negative to positive.
八月 27, 2019

“Excavator Index” rises behind the scenes: the machinery industry seeks “self-upgrading”

A beautiful transcript made the A-share mechanical sector attract attention in the latest mid-term forecast. The three major machinery giants handed over a satisfactory answer to the shareholders within six months.