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Aroma Steamer is designed for beauty salon or personal care use at home

The Hot Facial & Aroma Steamer is designed for beauty salon or personal care use at home. Its sprayer has the function of generating O3(Ozone), so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. Also O3 can sterilize and whiten your skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism. It is especially with aroma steam function, customers beauty equipment suppliers may enjoy more comfort and release.



This product is easy and convenient to use. 

* Hot facial steamer              

* Aroma steamer                    

* creating lons and OZONE vapour    

* skin sterilizing and whitening    

* water level security function    

* rotatable spray head


1. Softening skin necrosis cells,water supply,so that in the future nursing process in order to clean it.

2. Can make pore is stretched, facilitate deep cleaning.

3. Steamer can infiltrate into the pores, softening the pore scale up oil, black, cosmetic residue and dirt, so as to clear.

4. Steammer can help pore discharge poison, can temporarily softening wrinkles.

5. Special ozone generator produces ozone, and effectively kill skin in various bacteria, which is beneficial to the health of the skin, also can soften the skin surface of the necrotic cells, convenient and clear.

6. Promote the blood circulation, replenish cellular aqua, improve the cell metabolism and automatic restoration.

7. Cold steamer for sensitive skin, use cold and hot double tube steamer, can work together at the same time.


1. When perform facial steaming, client may feel breathless or hard to breathe if spray steam directly towards nose.

2. If steam too long, skin may become dry. If steam too close, skin may feel too hot. Do not turn ozone on for sensitive, capillaries and pigment skins.

3. The water filled in the glass jar must be distilled water only. No other product or liquid (e. G. Essential oil) can be added.

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